Secret Candle Club Mini: February

Secret Candle Club Mini: February

Wax Poetics
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x1 8oz Crystal Range candle

x1 Tarot Card featuring this months chosen Female/ Witch


Candles and Tarot cards will be sent out at the end of each month.

Your candles are hand-poured, glittered and made with love, though some might differ from others, i.e colour, scent and glitter design. Your candles are made using natural Soy wax and dye chips, as well as fine glitter. It's important to note that white crystals can form on the outside of the wax, especially those mixed with colour - as this is the nature of soy wax during the cooling process. They'll love you regardless of your imperfections too!


All wicks must be trimmed 1/4 inch before lighting for the best results. Woodwick candles are sold already trimmed to the required height. Do not burn the candle for longer than four hours, for longevity and quality reasons. Allow wax to melt until the rim of the container/ jar to avoid tunneling, before extinguishing (see tips and tricks for more). Make sure not to leave your lovely candle unattended, they're throwing scent for you, stick around to enjoy it!

Woodwick's must be trimmed slightly with a nail clipper or wick-trimmer before every new burn.